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Fruitland is a Dutch Fruit Juice Retailer based in Hoorn & Zwaagdijk, the Netherlands. IMWZ does maintenance for Fruitland. We make sure the site stays up-to-date, is secure and keeps on functioning despite future changes in WordPress or WooCommerce.

Fruitland Fruit Juice Retailer


Fruitland Background

Fruitland was founded in 2012 by Willem Oud. Willem loves learning. He is a pioneer in the field of fruits and vegetables. He keeps a close eye on the latest developments in the healthy foods domain.

Willem Oud

He produces his own wheat and vegetable and fruit juices are pressed cold using a slow juicer so they are even healthier and tastier


The website was designed and set up by our partner Linda Wagner, founder of Creativons. The Envision theme was used as a base. She used beautiful techniques to create awesome retro looking images for the entire site. The beautiful font used for the menu is Damion and Merriweather for the body text.


In their shop Fruitland offers smoothie trucks, smoothie bars, frozen yoghurt bars, cocktail bars for events. It is very easy to arrange for one of their trucks or bars to be set up and run at your events. We especially love their blue Vespacar from 1968. It an eyecatcher for any event. And as this food truck is not too large it can be used indoors.

Fruitland Bars


IMWZ takes care of Willem’s website. Willem has taken an awesome WordPress Maintenance Package with us. We make sure the site is always up and running, up-to-date and secure. We do this by making sure that WordPress, WooCommerce, plugins and theme stay up-to-date. We also do checks to make sure that the theme, plugins and the rest keep on working well together despite the updates. Sometimes updates cause issues, conflicts.


Security is of course also very important and Wordfence is a great partner to make sure things are secure. Wordfence blocks malicious attacks and warns when there are vulnerabilities. This is a great help for all us maintenance people. That and a solid site setup on the server with a hoster that is reliable of course.

Anti Spam Bee is used on Fruitland to keep spam at bay. This at the request of Willem as the site was suddenly hit by a lot of spam after having been up and running for over 2 years.

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