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IMWZ Webdesign and Online Marketing is a distributed team, very much like Automattic is. We work with a global team located in different parts of the world. Check out short intros on all the members below. And do come to see how our team will slowly grow.

Jasper Frumau

Jasper is the founder of IMWZ. He is originally from Holland, but has been abroad for years. He is happily married to Hathaichanok. Together with their son they travel the world. They have lived in Denmark, Russia and Bahrain to mention a few.

He has been building modern websites for SME for over 15 years. He loves helping people thrive online. He works with WordPress, Roots Stack and WooCommerce to great amazing online user experiences.

Damien Attard

Damien loves the challenge of creating affordable websites with good security. He regularly sits down with his clients and works out how to market themselves properly. He loves to deliver a full fledged product for market. Not just a website. What makes him go is the package part. How to make a business go from nothing into a popular place.

Stella Jerin

Stella is the newest member of IMWZ. She takes care of Social Media Marketing at IMWZ. She has vast experience doing online marketing and is a great person to get businesses promoted online.

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