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Author: Jasper Frumau

To rename a git branch, for example when one branch is too far behind and you quickly add a new one, you can rename your branch locally, remove it on

Setting up Kubernet and Laravel or Laravel on Docker can be tedious. Hell, setting up Laravel on multiple servers can be a real pain. Been doing research on setting up

Laravel & ESLint

To have ESLint play nice with Laravel a few things have to be taken care of. Packages have to be installed, configuration has to be done, Webpack Mix adjusted, .eslintignore

We have been working on a Laravel setup where we bill customers using pay.nl using their API and E-boekhouden.nl for the bookkeeping. The reason being that they both offer APIs

Git remove directory

Sometimes you want to remove a directory but keep it locally on your box. So you want to exclude it from the repository, but keep it locally. Need We wanted

To increate PHP memory usage edit the following file: nano /usr/local/etc/php/7.4/conf.d/php-memory-limits.ini You can get the details on your PHP ini using php –ini and then do a valet restart to

Laravel 6 PHP Redis

On upgrading to Laravel 6 we ran into issues locally running predis. This as no client was set in .env and now config was going for native PHP Redis or