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Updating Trellis – WordPress LEMP

Updating Trellis – WordPress LEMP

Updating Trellis can be a challenge initially and there is no one way to do it. Lots of people wrote about it at Roots Discourse and on Github. Most of…

Bedrock Plugins Installation

Bedrock Plugins Installation

The Bedrock Plugins Installation is set up differently. More efficiently too I daresay. That is why often beginners with Bedrock bump into the fact that they cannot install plugins from the…

Digital Ocean Monitoring Beta Setup

Digital Ocean Monitoring Beta Setup

Just installed Digital Ocean  monitoring beta on one of my Digital Ocean droplets where I have Trellis running for a WordPress client of mine. It is a new way to…

Custom PHP Settings In Trellis

Custom PHP Settings in Trellis

Often when you set up a Trellis server you find out your PHP settings are not good enough for the WordPress app you are building. Simply because you run a…

Changing Site URL With WP-CLI

Changing Site URL with WP-CLI

If you quickly need to change the WordPress site url on a VPS or dedicated server with WP CLI installed or installable WP-CLI is your friend. It is a great…

Keeping Your Trellis Server Updated

Keeping your Trellis Server Updated

When you manage client servers with Trellis you will every now and then have to update the server. This to keep Ubuntu, NGINX, MariaDB and PHP updated. But also to…

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