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Publiqly was founded in 2016 by by a Canadian Dutch partnership with decades of PR and journalism experience. Their work has been featured in the world’s major publications: the New York Times, Bloomberg News, the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. Publiqly has distilled down decades of international PR and journalism knowledge into an affordable and easy-to-follow system for writing press releases. Together with Imagewize Publiqly has created a system that is proven to work time and time again to create any type of press release. A subscription based system that will teach customers to create state of the art Press Releases.

WordPress CMS

Publiqly has been built based upon the world renowned WordPress CMS. A user friendly user interface used by millions of people worldwide. An open source CMS that allows you to easily maintain your website and extend when you need to. A CMS used for e-commerce, blogging or general purposes. Simply wonderful.

Paid Memberships Pro

In combination with Paid Memberships Pro Publiqly offers its customers subscription based packages to dive deep into the art of awesome Press Releases. With great workflows clients are taught the intricacies of writing great PR. Paid Memberships Pro works really well as an easy to setup subscription based website and works well with payment options like PayPal and Stripe.

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