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We all know it is wise to do SEO keyword research before you start writing a blog post. So how can you go about doing the best research for a blog post like this one? In this blog post I will write about SEO Keyword Research Tools and their implementation. I will use various tools and tweak the post and title on the fly.

SEO Keyword Research Tools Used

SEO Keyword Research Tools I will be using are:

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

When I added “Keywords Research Tools” as a longtail keyword I got to hear that the search volume is high. The same goes for the competition. I do like large search volumes, but I do not like too much competition. So I added a few more including the current post title “Blog Post Keywords Research Tools”:

  • Keywords Research Tools
  • Keywords Research
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Blog Post Keywords Research Tools
  • SEO Keywords Analysis

Adwords Keyword Planner SEO Keyword Research

The only ones the list with medium sized competition were “SEO Keywords Analysis”, but it only had an estimated 1-100 searches a month and the other “SEO Keyword Research” . The latter had medium sized competition and 100-1K searches a month. That is not bad. Keywords Refinement

Then I added SEO Keyword Research to and checked for possible improvements making things more longtail. I got several suggestions:

Keywordtool Results

The first five were:

  • seo keyword research tool
  • seo keyword research tool free
  • seo keyword research 2016
  • seo keyword research template
  • seo keyword research tips

Back to Adwords Keyword Planner

So I tried the longtail keyword suggestions in Adwords Keyword Planner again and got the following:

Adwords Keyword Planner Long Tail Research

“SEO Keyword Research Tool” is a longtail keyword many people search for, but still has the same volume as the longtail keyword I came up with earlier. When I tried adding WordPress to the mix I got zilch. This as most people search for SEO without focussing on WordPress.

Post Tweaks based on knowledge so far

As I realized the last longtail keyword did pretty well at Google Adwords and I adjusted my post’s meta title and description as well as title to represent “SEO Keyword Research Tools”. This is not tool, but the plural form. But that does not matter in general and certainly not to the Adwords Keyword Planner that removes extra added s-es. And as I will use at least several tools I decided this was a good choice.


Bing Keywords Research

So I added SEO Keyword Research Tools at Bing and had the following top results:

Bing Keyword Research

The ones that show at the top are all familiar to me as have been at SEO for a while. So I know Moz (Big SEO specialist), Yoast (WordPress SEO) and of course Adwords Keyword Planner. Bing also has a cool related searches sidebar. Here they suggest / show related searches.

Feed Bing Results to Adwords Keyword Planner

When I added these to Adwords Keyword Planner two got similar scores to the longtail keyword I had set my eyes on:

Adwords partial results

So although I have two new options the longtail “SEO Keyword Research Tool(s)” is still a great choice to keep.

Double Check in Google

Now let’s check SEO Keyword Research Tools in Google typing slowly seeing what results it suggest:

Google Results SEO Keyword Research Tools

Now we see Robbie Richards’ website popping up. I am not familiar with his work so will read more about him. Wordstream that follows is a big SEO firm that I do know. The suggestions Google made in the dropdown are nothing new. Did not expect that either though as Adwords and Google are pretty much one and the same. Did see that there are more interesting SEO Keyword Research Tools. Robbie is mentioned in the Google card and he also suggest other SEO Keyword Research Tools such as:

More awesome tools to check out. Awesome!

Yoast SEO

Well, hope these tools and possible workflow will help others do keyword research with these awesome and free SEO Keyword Research Tools. As a final check – when you are using WordPress SEO, make sure you analyse your article one more time with all tweaks to content, SEO title and meta description. It is an awesome SEO Keyword Research Tool that helps

  • checking for proper keyword use,
  • meta title and description check,
  • legibility test
  • page title check
  • and more.

I realized I needed to add some useful links to sources I talked about, longer title, header with longtail keyword and a great featured image.

Hit Publish

Then when all is good go ahead and post! Do keep track of your article using Analytics and other tools and tweak when need be. Articles these days are never done and are in constant need of tweaking.


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