We take care of your websites so you can focus on your business. We maintain your websites and take care of the updates. We do security scans and make sure your website is backed up locally as well as externally. And of course we provide excellent support!


We make sure your website stays up to date and that saves you a lot of time and money. Hacks are prevented this way and the latest features are added as well. This allows you to move along with the latest just fine. This saves you  the hassle of checking if all updates go well and whether or not there will be compatibility issues. No stress and a website that looks just beautiful. Read more about updates here.


A website that is not updated regularly is a time bomb waiting to go off. When you do get hacked one day or when you make the wrong updates, a backup is essential. We got you covered. We make sure your backups are stored at the server itself as well as at a third location. This to make sure you will always have a good backup of all your files and database. We do this monthly so there are multiple version available. Read more about backups here.


Content Management Systemen such as WordPress are constantly scrutinized by hackers. They do this to highjack the site via a leak to attack other websites or to just put spam on your website. Sometimes even all of the above. To monitor your website, to prevent brute force password attacks, to prevent spam or malware injections is not an easy task. Not even with existing plugins and or scripts. But no worries. Let us take care of it while you work doing what you do best.


In case your website does get hacked one day – there is not a single public website out there that is invincible – we will restore your website using one of the backups. With special backup scripts we will have your website online in no time! 

If you do need a hack repair and do not have a maintenance package with me please contact me here.


WP Kare works together with the US based iThemes and monitors your website. We make sure it is up and running and is well maintained. We can monitor updates, upgrades, security issues and deal with problems when they arise. Besides that we make sure you get a report every month of updates done and its uptime.


All our Premium and Ultra Clients get treated with an SEO fine tuning package. This means you will get expert advice and help tweaking your site to make it more SEO friendly. We do content marketing, analytics, conversion tweaks, site speed optimization and much much more.

If you do not have a maintenance package with me and would like SEO help, please contact me here.


All our Ultra Clients get treated with state of the art Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting using the Bedrock Modern WordPress Stack as well as the Trellis LEMP Stack Not only that. We throw in MaxCDN for Entrepreneurs as well as version control with a staging environment so we can tweak and revert the tiniest of changes on your website.


Starter: Great Deal including:

  • Frequent Cloud Backups
  • WordPress Core Update
  • WordPress Plugins Updates
  • WordPress Themes Backups
  • Security Scans & Hack Repair
  • Excellent Support

Premium Including all Starter options plus:

  • SEO Fine Tuning
  • Site Performance Optimization
  • Social Media Campaign Aid
  • Priority Support

Ultra Including all Premium options plus:

  • Trellis Managed Cloud Hosting with
  • Github Version Control
  • Staging Environment
  • Secure SSL Certificate
  • Firewall – Fail2Ban 
  •  MaxCDN – Content Delivery Network