A website that is not updated regularly is a time bomb waiting to go off. When you do get hacked one day or when you make the wrong updates, a backup is essential. We got you covered. We make sure your backups are stored at the server itself as well as at a third location. This to make sure you will always have a good backup of all your files and database. We do this monthly so there are multiple version available.

Backups Methods

We use either local server level backup methods to backup your site or sophisticated plugins like BackupBuddy to backup your site. It depends on where you are hosted and what is available. If you do have our ultimum package we keep track of file changes with Git and backup your site regularly using scripts and or manual backups using excellent software.

Third Party Backup Location

We will make sure you will have backups with the hoster and in a third location as mentioned. We just want to make sure you have a backup at the ready. Most hosters do not guarantee your site’s backup though many offer backup options. So that is a good reason to store in a third location just to be sure. We often use DropBox or Amazon S3 services as third party location. They offer great deals and both offer a basic free package that suffices for a lot of SMEs we work with.