At IMWZ we love building custom applications with the Laravel Framework. We believe it is the best PHP rapid development framework on the market. It works as an API, a full fledged independent application as well as a micro service. Anything is possible really and with this wonderful toolbox you do not have to reinvent the wheel. It is packed to the brim with wonderful goodies to build an app from scratch.

MVP’s Favorite Framework

Setting up a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for your startup has never been easier with the Laravel Framework. We even did a workshop on it for Bahrain Web Tech a few months ago and published the slideshow on LinkedIn. If you are considering building a Software as a Service Laravel is your togo to place!


Just like our favorite open source CMS WordPress Laravel has a wonderful ecosystem. It really helps you and guides you building your custom application from scratch with the proper build, provisioning and deployment tools. All is there from backend and database tools to local development with Valet or Homestead, provisioning and deployment tools with Forge and Envoyer and so on. You just do not need any other external tools. It is simply a one-stop shop for all your custom app needs.


Laravel Support is amazing. At Laracasts you can watch wonderful videos teaching you not only how to build awesome applications with Laravel, but also how to become a better JavaScript, VueJS, and PHP developer. The stuff you learn there and the support given there by the community is amazing. And though it is not for free it is not expensive – mere $9 a month – and just too good to pass by really.


The documentation at is just excellent. All is explained well and it really works hand in hand with Laracasts. You could learn the framework just by using the documentation and the well commented code itself, but with Laracasts things move further even quicker.

Build to Deployment

Laravel’ Ecosystem allows you to quickly build custom applications within a complete setup from local development to deployment for production. Laravel has its own Homestead Vagrant Box for local development as well as a more lightweight tool Valet to quickly get up and running and start developing locally. Then when you need to deploy to a staging or production server Laravel Forge and Envoyer or Stedding and Deployer come to the rescue. So from testing to live Laravel has you fully covered. And that is a great feeling.

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