Web Apps & DevOps Reinvented.

Here at IMWZ Jasper set up a place to focus on his Web Development & DevOps dreams. For many years he worked with many hosting setups: shared, virtual and dedicated. Along the way he learned a lot about settings up ideal website on the ideal server environments for Laravel, WordPress and other PHP apps. This site is dedicated to offering his clients help setting up ideal server environments or fine tuning them.

IMWZ started out as a hobby in 2016. The goal is and always will be to provide state of the art server setups for all our partners. We are passionate about development beautiful websites and e-commerce apps as well as building hosting setups that offer the best foundation for whatever PHP app you need. Whether it is WordPress, Magento or WooCommerce. We will make sure it runs well using all the available tools.

Our Awesome Services.

We live and breath Web Development & DevOps. So if you need an awesome web app for your products or services , work done on a server, need a custom web server setup we are here for you.

WordPress Apps

Looking to take your website to the next level? Look no further than WordPress development using custom themes and plugins! We can help you create a website that stands out from the crowd with a unique design and tailored functionality. Our custom themes are built to match your brand and vision, while our custom plugins can add features and functionality that go beyond what's available in off-the-shelf solutions.

Laravel Apps

We have been building Laravel websites for years. Honing our crafts over and over again we deliver beautiful hand coded websites covering our client needs . Using Vue and Laravel PHP we create beautiful SaaS apps customized to your needs.

WordPress Hosting

We are dead serious about creating the best WordPress server setup you could need. We love delivering quality. We work with partners who feel the same way about quality. If you need something sloppy and fast you are at the wrong address.

Laravel Hosting

Need a custom server setup to offer unique Laravel services? Need a server customized with MariaDB, Redis Caching, queues and what not? We love setting up servers that help extend the functionality of your Laravel application.

Shared Hosting.

For customers that need their hosting taken care of, but do not need a fancy heavy duty server just yet we are here for you too. We all start out small and we are here to take the first steps with you.


Sometimes you need something bigger, more robust, custom made. Sometimes you need to launch a SaaS or an online platform. You are in luck. IMWZ loves building server environments for custom apps and we love using Laravel / vueJS to launch your dreams.

We are here to help you. Let's talk.

Went through it all here at IMWZ and curious? You have questions? A possible project you would like to discuss with us? Do now hesitate to hit us up!

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