In case your website does get hacked one day – there is not a single public website out there that is invincible – we will restore your website using one of the backups. With special backup scripts we will have your website online in no time! We either restore from a backup when available or we clean up your website.

Restore from Backup

All our clients’ websites are backed up regularly meaning we can restore the site from backup without any issues. We either have host level backups, server level backups or backups made with an installed plugin. In that case the whole site will be emptied of its contents and the backup will be restored. We will do all this of course as soon as we can. This to avoid downtime, but also to avoid being blacklisted by search engines like Google.

Restore Live Site

If you do need the site restored as it is that can be done. Sometimes the hack just happened after a change was made and this change was not added . Sometimes customers do not have backups or the ones they have are too old. In those case we will clean up the website. We will first make a full backup of the contaminated site. Then we will replace all the core files with a clean set and then we will start going through the database tables and all the files stored in wp-content.

Normally you can also replace the themes and plugins with clean versions. If that is not the case we will clean those too. But most of the time will focus on replacing whatever we can replace with clean copies, clean up the uploads folder and database. All credentials will have to be renewed as well of course. So the database user and password will be replaced as well as the (S)FTP user. But also the WordPress users will be updated with new passwords.