WordPress plugins are wonderful ways to expand your WordPress website with additional features. Sometimes you need something that WordPress does not provide. Often there is a plugin that will offer you this functionality. However sometimes you need it to do a bit more. Or worse you do not find the plugin you need to add a certain must have feature to your website. In that case you need a custom WordPress plugin. One made for a specific purpose.

Custom Plugin Services

IMWZ offers custom plugin services for all your needs. We build one according to your needs. We make sure the plugin is

  • providing the needed features,
  • secure,
  • user-friendly,
  • easily extendable

How does it work

Well, you provide us with the needs for your website. Features you need added with the custom WordPress plugin will be discussed. Once the needs are clear we will create an estimate of the work needed to create the plugin. We then together discuss the estimate and come to an agreement on the final implementation.