SEO is one of the main pillars of webdesign. Search Engine Optimization is more than just meta titles and descriptions, it is content formatting, site load optimization, content marketing and much much more. We have been working in SEO since the term came out and have grown with it ever since. So whether you are up for:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Site Load Optimization
  • Semantically correct coded web apps

or all of the above to make your content stand out we are here for you! We love tweaking websites to make them load faster, clean up code to make them load data more logically and more digestible for bots and humans alike.


You have a site, but your search engine positioning is really low or non existent. You need help with things like keyword optimization, Google ranking, content analysis, long tale keyword research and the likes. That is what we consider the core of SEO here. And we would love to help you with that. We offer basic SEO packages to all our clients. These include an initial analysis of the site and solid tweaks to get your site moving forward. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Here some blog posts I have written on SEO:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is something that is being talked about a lot lately. Search engines like Google are getting smarter every day, competition is getting larger and larger. A lot of the old hat tricks no longer do. That is where content marketing comes in. Creating great content is really important. Content marketing is choosing the right content in the right market at the right time. This once your research is done. You do not get lucky very often. It is smart research, originality and great formatting that gets you there. Let us help you out here.


Some of the articles I have written on content marketing:

Technical SEO

When we talk about technical SEO we talk about the code running your website, the elements of the site search bots like Google sees. The way your site is built up and serves your customers. Many sites could use a nice technical SEO audit, content labelling adjustments and many are in need of site load optimization.

Site Load Optimization

People these days are very impatient. In this day and age of the Internet of Things, mobile apps, Google, instant search, online ordering and so on we want things yesterday. This means when we visit a site and check out a product that the site better load fast. And if it doesn’t that we’ll leave and get it elsewhere. That why site speed and site loading optimization is so important. I have written several blogs about it. And I too constantly am working on tweaking our site and others to make them as snappy as possible. Need a hand?


Some articles on site speed optimization:

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