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Here at Imagewize we strive to give our customers the best service possible. We do not just consider you our customer, we would like you to be our partner. So we can look at online projects together. To work as a team is the best way to achieve success for your business as well as ours.

We excell at making partners blossom online. We will help you set up your online business, optimize it, market it. You name it we got it. Here is a list of the services also provided under services in the menu.



IMWZ offers maintenance for all its partners. We specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce maintenance packages. We have a Maintenance Starter package is in our store. If you require maintenance for a Laravel app or other CMS such as Joomla! we are here to help to. In that case please contact us.

Maintenance – Overview
WordPress Updates
Hack Repair
WordPress Security

Web Development

We develop WordPress web applications as well as custom applications in Laravel. For e-commerce websites we use WooCommerce extensively. If you need help getting your website up and running whether is very custom, e-commerce or a basic business card website we are here to help you. We recommend our ecomerce check list for e-commerce beginners.


For more custom applications, SaaS applications, APIs we work with the amazing Laravel, the PHP framework for artisans. It is ideal for agile development of web applications from scratch and it works well with our favorite frontend framework VueJS.

Web Development – Overview


WordPress is the heart and soul of most of our client’s  projects. We build business card websites with it, set up beautiful turnkey sites ready to roll, launch e-commerce websites and build things from scratch that can be benefit from all the awesomeness that WordPress stands for.

Custom Themes

We love working with Roots Sage. It is a wonderful robust starters theme we can use to create beautiful custom WordPress themes for our customers. And even better we can use Roots Trellis as a custom WordPress server to load the site really quickly.


WordPress – Overview

Online Marketing

Online marketing has become a vast and fascinating field and we have been keeping up for you and all our partners. We help them with content marketing, social media marketing as well as video marketing. Whether you need training, virtual assistance or an audit we got you covered.

Online Marketing – Overview
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing


Lot’s of our clients sell their services and products online. We help them set up shop online, configure, optimize their ecommerce base and do much much more. We mainly work with WooCommerce – works on top of WordPress – but we also do Magento Commerce work.

Ecommerce – Overview


For any website you need quality content, but it of course also has to be content that is easily found by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the likes. We help you finetune your code and or content so you have a site that is search engine optimized (SEO-ed).

Technical SEO

We help with making sure your website is coded well so it loads quickly and is easily understood by search bots.

Keyword Research

And we also help with content creation rich in (long tail) keywords that your clients are looking for. For this we help you do the proper research to reach your client base the best way possible.

SEO – Overview
WordPress SEO
Keyword Research

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