Here at IMWZ we do a lot WordPress Development. And we have been doing that to create great websites for you for over a decade now. We really love open source and we tremendously enjoy working with WordPress. So do our clients. You will too. Allow us to explain briefly why WordPress is such a great CMS for end users and developers.

Great Community

WordPress has a large and dedicated online community with thousands of end users and developers interacting everyday. This was one of the main reasons I started with my own website and web development back in the days. It is an amazing feeling to have. To have some many people out there help each other just because they can every single day.

Great CMS

WordPress is an amazing content management system. It is very user friendly, has thousands of extensions and is being improved upon every single day. WordPress has grown from a basic blogging tool to a full fledged CMS with e-commerce options in just a few years. And they just keep on going.

Open Source

WordPress is GNU GPL and that means that it is 100% open source and free for all to use and contribute too. This is one of the main reasons it has grown so much and has benefited from help from people all over the world. And for you that means you do not have to pay a license fee. It is for free. You will only pay for service connected to plugins and themes you wind up purchasing.

What we offer

At IMWZ we offer WordPress theme, plugin development. We can build a custom theme based upon your designs or build a theme to add functionality to your website. We also offer turnkey theme packages as well as e-commerce packages ( WordPress and WooCommerce).

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