We make sure your website stays up to date and that saves you a lot of time and money. Hacks are prevented this way and the latest features are added as well. This allows you to move along with the latest just fine. This saves you  the hassle of checking if all updates go well and whether or not there will be compatibility issues. No stress and a website that looks just beautiful.

Core Update

We update WordPress on all our client sites. We do not just auto update or manually update. We check the updates and make sure all is OK. We also do security updates quicker than regular ones. We may also postpone certain updates until we know they are OK.

Theme Updates

We update your theme. Does not matter whether it is a custom theme made by us or another, a commercial theme by a renowned business. We take care of it and we deal with the developer when issues arise.

Plugin Updates

Certain plugins get updates all the time and need them, certain plugins suddenly get a lot of attention from hackers, some stop being updates. You cannot possibly keep track of all these issues. We can and we do on a weekly basis. So stop worrying about all these plugins changes. Let us take care of them like we do of the other updates needed.