Here at IMWZ we work with WooCommerce every day. We consider it to be the perfect e-commerce system for SMEs, our customers, you , to work with. We build great WordPress sites and then extend them with the amazing capabilities of WooCommerce e-commerce. So if you need to start an online store, a shop on the web to sell your products or services, WooCommerce is a great fit for you.

Incredibly User Friendly

It is easy to work with for us and for you as a customer. The whole installation is taken care of so well. You are told step by step what to do, what basic information is needed to get going. All the way to your first product you are guided. This is done using smart screens where you are told what to do next. See a great post on the whole process here.

WordPress has got WooCommerce’s Back

WooCommerce is fortunate to be part of the WordPress ecosystem. So if you need less e-commerce related stuff for your website like kickass forms, Google Maps, a grid based blog, a lovely landing page with sliders and so on WordPress has got your back. WordPress’ ecosystem is amazing and very large. Whatever comes up in your mind as an extra need, WordPress has a plugin or custom solution for that laying around.

WooCommerce Extensions

But let’s not forget the way you can extend WooCommerce itself. There is an enormous amount of add-ons to improve things like payment options, one step cart out or abandoned cart functionality,product galleries, product filters and much much more.

Basic needs are set up out of the box of course. But let’s see you need a specific local payment provider to work with Woo like the Dutch iDEAL, or you prefer Stripe to PayPal? Well, WooCommerce has extensions for that! The same goes for additions to extend the actual shipping, taxation, product variations and the likes.