About Imagewize.

Here at IMWZ Jasper works hard making designers' and entrepreneurs' dreams come true. Jasper builds and manages Laravel & WordPress sites, SEO fine tunes them, gives advices on WordPress as well as Laravel, web design and e-commerce and deals with all things web tech with the help of partners worldwide. Imagewize is a distributed company with a global team, much like Automattic is.

IMWZ started out as a hobby in 2008. The goal is and always will be to provide state of the art WordPress & Laravel services to all our partners. We are passionate about building rock solid themes that make our customers and us proud. And we extend these with well coded plugins where need be.We do not work with customers. We work with partners. You grow, we grow. We are always in things together.

Our Awesome Services.

We live and breath WordPress. So if you need work done on a WordPress theme, need a plugin built we are here for you. We also do work on WooCommerce, BuddyPress and are fans of Gravity forms for all kinds of forms.

Theme Development.

We are dead serious about creating the best coded WordPress themes you could need. We love delivering quality. We work with partners who feel the same way about quality. If you need something sloppy and fast you are at the wrong address.

Plugin Development.

Need a custom made plugin to offer unique services? Need a WordPress plugin customized? We love building plugins that help extend the functionality of your website.


For customers that need their hosting taken care of we are here for you too. Whether you need a basic setup or a full fledged VPS or dedicated server. We take care of all of the above.


Sometimes you need something bigger, more robust, custom made. Sometimes you need to launch a SaaS or an online platform. You are in luck. IMWZ loves building custom apps and we love using Laravel / vueJS to launch your dreams.

We are here to help you. Let's talk.

Went through it all here at IMWZ and curious? You have questions? A possible project you would like to discuss with us? Do now hesitate to hit us up!

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    • Laradock & Traefik

      To avoid the pain of setting up Let's Encrypt SSL and to work with a better load balancer / reverse proxy I decided to do a Laradock & Traefik setup. And I must say I have been pleasantly surprised so far!

      WordPress on Laradock

      Had an issue with Advanced Custom Fields, Reactivated my Ianua theme with the ACF plugin built in. Found out the Home Page field Group Call to Action url was no longer responding. And whatever I did it did not matter. It would only just load the homepage url. So I decided to update Advanced Custom Fields Pro to the latest. And why not use the opportunity to run WordPress on Laradock?
      To setup a WordPress website on Digital Ocean there are multiple ways to to do it. You can do an amazing Trellis setup, you can use a one-click WordPress image or you can set up things manually following their tutorials. Here is a short list of how do do it manually setup by step following their tutorials to get a site up and running on a LEMP using a Ubuntu 18.0.4 Droplet