Paynl\Error\Api PAY-103 – Token not valid for this company

Local testing of Pay.NL can be a challenge. Error messages given out are often vague to say the least and documentation is not always great either. We just updated our key so had to update my .env. And because of that we bumped into all kinds of errors

Api Pay-103

Had to change the PAY_TOKEN token and SERVICE_ID to deal with the initial 103 error:

 Paynl\Error\Api PAY-103 - Token not valid for this company.

We then did a

php artisan config:clear

of course. But then we got stuck once more.

Unauthorized Error

I hit a 401 unauthorized error. I realized that the ip address for local testing was not added for the key yet. Do I had to add my ip address to whitelisted ip addresses. We do not allow any ip address to contact our PAYNL account.

PAY-404 Error

Once I did that and tested the order again I hit a 404 error

PAY-404 - Service not found

Ultimate Clients forum user randy Santino mentioned you needed to use the SL ID not the AT ID. And that was correct. As soon as that was done and we did another

php artisan config:clear

we were able to do tests once again.

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