Slider Revolution Setup can be tough sometimes. You can struggle configuring things. That is what we see based on all the hits a post like Slider Revolution Slide could not be loaded – Possible Fix gets. If you too are struggling setting up your Slideshow or hero image let us help you. Buy this Revolution Slider Setup package and we will take care of setting things up for you.

What’s Included

Here is what you will get when you take this Revolution Slider Setup deal:

  • installation / configuration
  • addition up to 10 slides
  • configuration of slider
  • slide titles,
  • slide text
  • slide image blocks
  • slide buttons

Installation & Configuration

We will install the plugin for you. We will also tweak the WordPress memory usage if not enough is allocated to run the slider properly. Slider Revolution tends to require more than the general WordPress setup gives you. WordPress normally allocates 40MB, but you need at least 80MB. This means a WordPress configuration tweak and or a PHP tweak.

Up to ten slides

You can have up to ten slides for you. We really recommend 3-5 slides, but will add up to ten if you need more to display your products or services. You get images that are of solid quality, but are as light as they can be. This to make loading as smooth as possible.

Hero Image

If you prefer a hero image with an action button and or text we are happy to help you with that too of course. A large hero image is quite popular these days. If you have a strong message and call to action on a beautiful image that expresses the service you provide this can be very powerful.

Slider Configuration & Individual Slides

We will pick the appropriate slider or slider template for you. Once that is done we will configure it speed wise, animation wise and so on. For each slide we will add a title, text, action button. Whatever is useful to entice your audience to go for your product or services will be taken care of. You can start out with one of the premium templates or tell us how you you want it done. Either way we will set things up for you and tweak things until you are happy with the result.

Slide Titles

The slider titles we will set up with nice looking titles. We will discuss the font used with you and make sure the size is right. We will also check look and position cross device. This so the titles will display well on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Calls to Action

Calls to Action or CTAs are an important part of a lot of sliders. They will allow potential customers to go to pages where they can get more information about the services or the products you provide. IMWZ is really good at settings up these vital buttons to get your potential clients where they need to be.