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Run Horizon By Supervisord In Laradock

Laradock needs to be set up to work with Supervisor. Here is how to Run Horizon by Supervisord in Laradock .


Supervisord Configuration

To Run Horizon by supervisord in Laradock you have to add horizon.conf to php-worker/supervisord.d/horizon.conf with the following content

command=php /var/www/laravel/artisan horizon

Adding Queue Worker

Had an issue that the job would just stay paused. Had to add a worker queue using:

php artisan queue:work --queue=ssl-manager -- redis

You can however also add this queue to supervisord as another config:

command=php /var/www/laravel/artisan queue:work --queue=ssl-manager -- redis

then you can restart the docker using

docker-compose restart php-worker

Supervisord Changes

Also to make supervisor check for changes check into your php worker using

docker-compose exec php-worker ash

and use:

supervisorctl reread

This so it is made aware of the new config. Then you can use

supervisorctl update

to update supervisor on your changes.

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