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To fetch a remote Github Pull Request into your local repository so you can test it you need to do the following: where ID is the pull request id and BRANCHNAME is the name

Site Backup

Welcome to the first post in the Upwork series where we talk about making a backup of your website, one you can store anywhere and use anywhere to restore your

Laradock & Traefik

To avoid the pain of setting up Let's Encrypt SSL and to work with a better load balancer / reverse proxy I decided to do a Laradock & Traefik setup. And I must say I have been pleasantly surprised so far!

WordPress on Laradock

Had an issue with Advanced Custom Fields, Reactivated my Ianua theme with the ACF plugin built in. Found out the Home Page field Group Call to Action url was no longer responding. And whatever I did it did not matter. It would only just load the homepage url. So I decided to update Advanced Custom Fields Pro to the latest. And why not use the opportunity to run WordPress on Laradock?