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Trellis Rsync Media

Trellis Rsync Media

To quickly sync media from one Trellis server to another to copy media you can rsync media. Using the cli too rsync you can copy media from one server to another…

Sublime Text 3 From Command Line In OSX

Sublime Text 3 from Command Line in OSX

Text below is a gist fork of gist by Artero with basic adjustments to use Sublime Text 3 from Command Line in OSX. A fork I have adjusted and updated some…


Backup site files in seconds

To backup all your site files in a flash use the following command line snippet ## No dash "-" with this order destination origin and on gnu os like DH…


Remove Core Menu Items in Dashboard

To remove unwanted items from the WordPress Dashboard that are part of the menu you can add the following code to the functions.php of your theme. function img_remove_menus () {…

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