Show all Database Users in Trellis

Sometimes you want to show all users in Trellis. Just to be sure a certain database user is there. I for example keep on forgetting the database username generated based on the group_vars/group/vault.yml. And I need it to access the database properly with Sequel Pro . So how do we do this?

SSH into Box

To figure this out you first need to ssh into your Vagrant box or VPS. This you can do using

vagrant ssh

to access your Vagrant box or


to access your staging or production server. Next you can work on accessing the database.

Access MariaDB

Then you need to enter

mysql -u root -p

to access the MySQL database. Then you add the root password which IS easily found in that same file:

vault_mysql_root_password: devpw

In our case the vault.yml for development. For production you will use something tougher of course. So in our case (local development on Vagrant) and most of your cases working locally with standard settings this will then be devpw.

Display all Database Users

Well you can now do this database query to get all users:

SELECT User FROM mysql.user;

You will then see a list similar to this one:

MariaDB [(none)]> SELECT User FROM mysql.user;
| User                 |
| root                  |
| root                  |
| root                  |
| debian-sys-maint|
| example_com     |
| root                 |
6 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Only in our case we have a slightly adjusted box. The main user we were looking for is example_com here. Trellis generates a username based on the domain or projectname. One with a underscore instead of the dot.

Database Password

The password is shown in the same file:

db_password: example_dbpassword
So it is example_dbpassword . To use these details and access the database I refer again to the earlier mentioned article on Sequel Pro.
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