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To work with the Astra Child theme as generated using their generator you do need to understand the functionality added to the functions.php. Besides the general enqueueing of the child

Vue Notifications

We use a Vue component to display messages based on success or failure in our Laravel application. We use a Vue Transition wrapper component for these notifications to be precise.

Just spent several hours yesterday understanding why we hit a CORS No “Access Control Allow Origin” header present issue again. Read loads about common Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) again.

Vue CLI 2 & Vue Files

Let’s create a Vue Project with the Vue Command Line Interface and work with Vue files in this post.  We will start with the whole setup explaining a few things

Undo Git Commits

Undo Git Commits, how do you do these easily? Do quickly undo a few commits so you can go back a few version you can use: git reset –hard HEAD~1