Google’s Mobile First Index To Be Launched within Months

The last few days SEO people have been writing about this and I think people reading my blog should know about it. Google is working on Mobile First Index. Basically it will soon start working with a mobile only index which will get priority. They did talk about this last year, but now it will become a reality soon. This besides a separate desktop index. Now, there has been a lot of speculation on what this all will will mean.

Separate Mobile First Index Ranking

What Google will be able to do is rank mobile content separately from desktop content. So instead of grabbing data from desktop content and putting this into mobile content results it will be able to do this on a separate platform. That is what Search Engine Land suggested as one of the changes to come.

Adaptive Sites Beware

And as stated it will be a mobile first index. Now we all know your website should be mobile ready, responsive and adaptive, and that this has been part of the general ranking. But soon the mobile index will be the main index for Google. So to me this means that if you display content differently on mobile the mobile content will have priority over the desktop content. So all the websites out there that have become not just responsive, but also adaptive, offering different content per platform, may have to optimize even more on the mobile views than ever before.

Mobile First Index More Up-To-Date

Another speculation is that as the mobile first index will the primary one, that it will contain the most up to date content. That is will be more recent or fresher so to speak. This could be the case. It does make sense. Mobile is getting even more priority by showing the latest site data displayed on mobile first.

Exciting Times Ahead

All in all, exciting times ahead. What we can have here as a takeaway is that we need to have:

  • having a responsive / mobile ready site is more important than ever
  • adaptive sites should focus on their mobile content display

Hope this clarifies things a bit. Once we have more information and solid data based on the new index I will be sure to update the article!

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