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Mailchimp Comment Optin – Fixing Outdated Constructor Error

Mailchimp Comment Optin is a plugin we still use for some of our clients. Fixing Outdated Constructor Errors is needed to work with it properly. The error you get will be:

( ! ) Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; MCAPI has a deprecated constructor in /srv/www/ on line 3

This refers to an issue with a class name being the same as a function name. This is an old way to add a constructor from back in the days. To deal with that issue on line 39 change:

function MCAPI($apikey, $secure=false) {
 $this->secure = $secure;
 $this->apiUrl = parse_url("" . $this->version . "/?output=php");
 $this->api_key = $apikey; }


function __construct($apikey, $secure=false) {
 $this->secure = $secure;
 $this->apiUrl = parse_url("" . $this->version . "/?output=php");
 $this->api_key = $apikey; }

As you see we added __construct and with that you initiate a constructor properly.

NB We recommend not using composer for updates anymore. This so your fixes won’t be removed by an outdated flawed version. Just add the plugin to your ignore list.

Jasper Frumau

Jasper has been working with web frameworks and applications such as Laravel, Magento and his favorite CMS WordPress including Roots Trellis and Sage for more than a decade. He helps customers with web design and online marketing. Services provided are web design, ecommerce, SEO, content marketing. When Jasper is not coding, marketing a website, reading about the web or dreaming the internet of things he plays with his son, travels or run a few blocks.

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