Need to get started selling your products or services online? We have a great Ecommerce Starter Package that will get you going real nicely. We will set up WordPress for you, configure your WooCommerce store and necessary plugins. We will also add a basic set of products you will be able to build on.

Package Details

So what is included in this awesome turn-key package?

  • WordPress Installation and Configuration
  • Turnkey Theme installation*
  • Theme dummy content addition
  • WooCommerce installation
  • Payment Gateway Configuration
  • Addition of 5 static pages
  • Addition of 20 Products
  • Analytics hookup
  • SEO Essentials

*  See themes section


We work with great themes like Ianua, Jupiter, Avada, Envision, Total and Pinnacle. Those we can highly recommend. But if you have already purchased another great theme or are really into a certain theme you saw we are open to on-boarding yours.

Dummy Content

For sites that are brand new we normally start out with dummy content to give you an idea on how to format things and what is possible. This is totally optional. When you do not want this we can leave it out as well.

Payment Gateway Configuration

WooCommerce comes with PayPal out of the box, but if you need Fulfillment by Amazon, Stripe, Amazon Pay, iDEAL or another payment provider we will be happy to assist you.

NB For regular websites without shopping cart check our Website Starter Package deal.

WooCommerce Installation

We will install WooCommerce for you. We will take care of all things necessary to configure it properly.  Here a shortlist of things that need to be done:

  • base location
  • taxes
  • currency
  • weight unit
  • checkout process
  • choose payment provider
  • enough memory

Logo Package Excluded

If you need a logo package, or artwork to go along with your content, this is not included in this package.

Content & Artwork Included

We will guide you with the content and artwork provided, but we do expect you to put it together as you like it.

For photography we can recommend Unsplash and for icons Fontawesome.

NB See our Content & Artwork Package for clients who need help with raw content and lack of artwork / artwork ideas