WooCommerce & Analytics Pro Setup


Let us do a WooCommerce & Analytics Pro Setup for your WooCommerce website. This so you can track your buyers and potential buyers, find potential bottlenecks and improve upon them.

How will this help me?

With out WooCommerce & Analytics Pro Setup you can monitor all ecommerce transactions properly from Google Analytics. You will be able to see

  • whether your sales funnels work properly,
  • where potential buyers bail on you
  • conversion rates per product
  • how social media campaigns lead to sales
  • and much, much more


What is included

What we offer with our WooCommerce & Analytics Pro Setup is:

  • Analytics Homescreen Setup
  • Analytics Standard Ecommerce Setup
  • Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Setup
  • Three Goals configured in Analytics (three products)
  • WooCommerce GA Analytics Connection*

*  Will be done using a free, open source plugin. For even more enhanced options a commercial version is also available.


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