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WordPress Security

WordPress Security

I did a great presentation on WordPress Security March 2015 which is still very useful today. I created an html presentation on it. As it is not getting as much traffic as…

XML RPC Attacks

Block XML RPC Attacks

Recently there have been more XML RPC attacks that are sophisticated ways to brute force get your password without using the wp-login or registration form. You can read all about it at Succuri’s Blog here.

WordPress Security Tips

Ten Quick WordPress Security Tips

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS worldwide. Check out ManageWP's Blog post just to see how incredibly popular it is. 74.6 million sites depend on it. According to W3…

Site As A PayPal Phishing Gateway

Site as a PayPal Phishing Gateway

Just got myself one of these PayPal phishing emails this morning. It was a very well made email sent to an email address for my partner company in the Netherlands…

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